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Competition – Become London’s Official Guest of Honour

Competition – Become London’s Official Guest of Honour

Competition time, become London’s official guest of honour with Your chance to win a two week trip of a life time for you and a guest. Enter by making a video or taking a photo and describe your perfect day in London.

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Be Open to Opportunities and Save The Cupids

Be Open to Opportunities and Save The Cupids

Indifference Kills - Cupids The Movie

Comedy, romance, but not a romantic comedy, Cupids The Movie is a comedy movie proposed by UK film production company Camera Freelance UK Limited. Founded in 2013 by filmmakers Diego H. Milane, Angelo Calarco and Victoria Murua.

To be filmed from the perspective of two cupids, Arabella and Saraphel, struggling to get their assigned humans to meet and talk.

Cupids are all around us, invisibly creating opportunities for single people to meet the right person…

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Why Most Men Aren’t Having Success In The Dating Game

Why Most Men Aren’t Having Success In The Dating Game

Some men think they are having trouble meeting women because of there looks, because they don’t have enough money or because they are not driving a fancy car. In this video Dating and Life Coach Mr. Locario talks about the real reason why most men aren’t having success in there dating lives and what men can do to start having more success with women.

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Before You Date, Create Your Vision by Susan Winter

Before You Date, Create Your Vision

Before stepping out into the world of dating you’ll need to create your vision. You may have just left a disastrous partnership. Or, you may be in the process of getting clear on what you want in light of your past dating experiences.

Whatever your starting point, it’s a good idea is to formulate a “best-case scenario” vision that works for you. It works, because you already know it works.

Here’s a simple guide to finding your ideal vision in a new mate. It defines what you want and what you don’t want. Then, transforms your “I-don’t-want-this” into its positive opposite. This vision technique pulls from the past and reformulates the undesired aspects into a positive vision for your future.

I advise my clients to begin this vision by getting out a paper and pen. Old school? Yes. Effective? Absolutely! Start with a clean notebook or Word doc if you prefer:

  • Write down the things that you’ve experienced in former dating scenarios that worked well for you. Coming in on a positive note enables you to feel empowered by your past. You’ve already had good experiences. Acknowledging those things that were especially wonderful in the past allows you to bring them into your future.
  • Record the positive, good, and wonderful things you experienced in past dating/relationships that are keys to what you want to experience again.

Here’s a sample list of what your past partners may have brought into your life:

  1. Partner A. Great sense of humor. He/she diffused difficult situations with his/her wit and perspective. He/she knew how to “handle me” when I was in turmoil. We laughed, played and had fun. Every day (and every challenge) was enjoyable with this type of even disposition.
  2. Partner B. Spiritually focused and stimulating intellectually. Our mutual spiritual/philosophical interests created cohesion and partnership growth.
  3. Partner C. Aligned creativity and dynamic artistic discussions. We ignited each other’s interest and understanding of our professions. We helped each other expand individually and as a team.
  4. Partner D. Down to earth and real. This partner erved as a stabilizing force in my life. His/her clear thinking allowed me to relax with him/her and be myself.
  • Next, add another section entitled “Things I Desire.”
  • These are the newfound qualities you must have and how they’d look in real life.

This is where you transform your “what-I don’t-want” list into your “what-I-now-have” list:

I now have “x.”

“X” is the quality you want to experience. It could be: honesty, fidelity, generosity, lifestyle, adventure, sensitivity, time for me, or time for our relationship. Whatever it was that you didn’t get in your past dating experience, here’s the place to add it into your new vision. In writing these new qualities make sure to add a sentence or two that shows how that would look in the real world.

For example, if you used the quality of ‘honesty’ as your “x” it might be framed like this:

 I’m not afraid to speak up and relay my feelings. Neither is my partner. There’s honesty at the heart of this relationship. We have an easy, open and natural communication.  We both feel free to discuss whatever’s at hand and resolution of any problem is effortless.

When you combine what you’ve had with what you want… you get a winning formula! That’s the vision for your next romantic encounter. This simple exercise clarifies your thoughts and automatically activates your subconscious.

When we know what we want, there’s a natural “calling in” of those qualities. We begin sending out an energetic frequency that’s focused on the qualities we desire. From that place of awareness it’s easy to observe their presence or absence in the new people we date.

It’s important to keep this exercise focused on the positive. We often enter a new romance with emotional wounds from our past, only to see the same unwanted things replayed in our current mates. By shifting our vision to what we “want to see,” we create the possibility of realizing it. By recalling our successes, we anchor tangible proof that we’ll attain these qualities again in our future.

Happy creating!

Article by Susan Winter
Susan Winter
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BBC Radio Scotland Looking for Muslim Men & Women to Contribute to New Relationships Program

BBC Radio Scotland Looking for Muslim Men & Women to Contribute to New Relationships Program

Muslin Dating

November 13th 2014 – BBC Radio Scotland are looking for program contributors, Muslim men and woman who live in Scotland to take part in a new series being recorded for Radio Scotland. Talking about contemporary dating with traditional values. Perhaps you are looking to find your new husband or wife via modern online dating but using traditional values to find them. Get in touch email: philip.sime @ for details.

Scottish Online Dating

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