DNA Shows Scotland Has Highest Percentage of UK Gingers

DNA Shows Scotland Has Highest Percentage of UK Gingers


Recent UK DNA research has shown that Scotland and particularly its capital city Edinburgh, has the highest percentage of the red (ginger) hair gene in the United Kingdom.

Research from BritainsDNA shows that less than 1% of the world’s population as a whole has red hair. In the British Isles the numbers are startlingly higher with around 13% of the Scottish population having red hair, with at least 35% of Scots being unknowing carriers. This figure rises to as high as 40% in Scotland’s South East, around Edinburgh.

Karen Gillan
One of Scotlands most famous Redheads Karen Gillan
© Gage Skidmore

Scientists believe that the V6OL Allele, the ‘ginger gene’ showed up some 50,000 years ago after humans left Africa for colder climates. It’s thought that the Celts ginger hair could be put down to the weather. The lower sunlight Atlantic climate in the north possibly prompted a genetic adaptation, lighter skin been able to take advantage of fewer sunnier days and so allowing the body to absorb more of its required vitamin D giving Scotland the highest percentage of flame haired redheads.

Redhead DNA Map


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