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First Dates Casting – Looking For Mature Single Men

First Dates Casting – Looking For Mature Single Men

First Dates Casting

First Dates, the popular restaurant based TV programme are looking for mature single men to appear on the programme.

If you are a single male aged between 60 and 80 years of age get in touch with First Dates Casting HERE >>


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Fancy A TV Date With First Dates London

Fancy A TV Date With First Dates London

First Dates Background

The producers of UK’s hit series First Dates are looking for extras as ‘background daters’. Are you a couple and fancy spending an evening in the First Dates Restaurant in London, but don’t want to be featured in the program?

Are you looking for a first date idea? This could be the perfect opportunity…

Further information from: firstdatesBG @ TwentyTwenty.tv
Or Telephone 0207 4247768


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Who Should You Be on Your First Date

Who Should You Be on Your First Date

Dating behind a mask

Dating begins with the presentation of “who we are.” Are you showing up as the “real you?” or are you presenting a different version of yourself in the hopes of impressing another?

First dates provide an opportunity to create an impression by putting one’s best foot forward. It’s tempting terrain for pretending to be something we’re not, but doing so can eventually hurt both parties.

In pretending to be something we are not, we fool the other into buying into a product that’s clearly not for sale. We lure them into what we think they want, or who we’d like to be, but are not. There’s no future relationship possible from this context, only games, falseness and failure.

The extremes to which some people feel compelled to amend their personalities and attitudes to get love, is alarming. When the need to be wanted overtakes the need to be who we are, failure will follow. It’s imperative to honor ourselves in order to love another.

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NBC & Ellen DeGeneres Take UK’s First Dates Series to US

NBC & Ellen DeGeneres Take UK’s First Dates Series to US

NBC Ellen DeGeneres

NBC and executive producer Ellen DeGeneres are bringing the UK’s smash hit First Dates series to the US.

The groundbreaking series that explores all of the simple wonders of the first date.

They are searching for people that are genuinely looking for love. Men and women aged 18 to 65+ who are currently single. You must be a legal U.S. resident and never have been convicted of a felony.

To apply submit your application Here >>

No competition, no eliminations, just a First Date..Where it goes from there is up to you…


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