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How to Make Your Dating Worth It

How to Make Your Dating Worth It

Investment Money Box
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I few years back I read in the Metro newspaper that men invest in their looks and wardrobe when there is potential for romance, and that in the UK Scottish men are the highest spenders.

I asked my then boyfriend, who happened to be Scottish, if he thought this was true.

“Are you kidding me? Of course it’s true, I bought two shirts and a pair of jeans just before our first date.” By the way, just as most men, he hated shopping.

I was impressed and charmed and got all fuzzy from the inside. For me it meant that he had taken our date seriously.

1. You Want Someone Who Invests in Dating as Much as You Do

The other day a girlfriend told me about her first date with a guy who had seemed to have high potential when they corresponded. They met for coffee, she offered to pay her share, he took the money and then they started to split the change awkwardly afterwards, counting the pennies. He was generous enough to give her a bigger share of the change back!

Oh dear, it was just a cup of coffee. He surely wouldn’t have gone bankrupt if he had just offered to pay. Needless to say, the date didn’t go very well.

Coffee for two
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We ladies, have to spend as well, we spend on hair, make up, outfits, beautician, you name it; we spruce up seriously when we go out on a date. In the US dinner dates are a norm, even if they are first dates. Of course they don’t come cheap and there is an eternal debate whether the guy should foot the bill or whether the daters should go Dutch.

I guess we all have our own thoughts about this, although sometimes even the offer to pay from the guy’s part or the willingness to share the cost from the woman’s part can go a long way in warming each other’s hearts.

Dates are an expense we should all consider. The bottom line is that we should be prepared to budget for them, to do our dating in style.

2. But Should We Pay for The Service?

The best things in life are free…goes the Mastercard advert. But are they?

Free dating sites are very popular nowadays, thus attracting the serious daters along with the time wasters, or even worse people who are already in a relationship. The easy sign up and the semi anonymity are to blame.

When it’s all too easy, no wonder trust issues can appear right from the beginning. Maybe he’s a serial dater. Maybe she goes out partying every night. Who could tell? We know so little about the person in the beginning and the fact that they hopped onto the dating band wagon for a free ride, might not be their biggest plus. Even if we’re on it too!

3. How Are Paying Dating Sites Better?

When the world is inundated with free dating sites and dating apps, isn’t it a comforting thought that your date, just as yourself, has paid to meet you? Niche dating sites are on the rise and they are proof of higher expectations, for quality dates between people who are more compatible and are more committed to dating and to relationships.

Dating profile writing and dating image photography are also on the rise. This shows an expectation of higher quality profiles, with better photos and more engaging self-summaries becoming the norm. After all, we are perceived and chosen, if not on the basis of our photos and what we write about ourselves.

In the world of dating quality should always override quantity. We should think of ourselves as too valuable to leave things to chance, to sift through all the time wasters, date after date after date…

Quality Dating Moments
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Paid dating related services, like dating web sites, matchmakers, dating coaches, dating photographers and profile writers can help us put our best foot forward and get a fair chance at meeting our much more valuable partner for life.

Make your dating worth it


Article by Laura Gub
Laura Gub
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5 Steps to Get Over a Break Up

5 Steps to Get Over a Break Up

The Break Up

You’ve just broken up with your boyfriend. You knew it was coming; your relationship’s been in turmoil for a while now. Or it might have been unexpected. You didn’t see it coming. But nevertheless it’s a reality you have to come to terms with. So, what are the best 5 steps to get over a break up?

  1. Get Over a Break Up – Start Giving More

Once you’re over getting drunk and crying on friends’ shoulders, you’re faced with a sudden void that you don’t know how to fill. More booze and more crying can only go so far. It won’t be long before friends start suggesting that you take matters into your own hands and maybe cut down on the 2am sob calls.

Stalking your ex is not an option, whether online or offline. Even if there is hope for reconciliation, having some “me time” can earn you more brownie points than desperate texts about how it’s all your fault or his fault for that matter.

Be more charitable instead. There is need for help everywhere you look. Rather than feeling sorry for yourself, try feeling compassion for others. Whether is buying more than one “Big Issue” from a homeless guy or volunteering, whether it’s helping out a colleague you don’t actually like or making a donation so that Wikipedia stays ad free, the choice is yours.

The point is to stay connected to the world around you rather than bury yourself in your grief. Throwing yourself into work doesn’t count. It can be counterproductive on the long run. You’ll set expectations that will be hard to maintain once you’re over the heartbreak and want your life back.

  1. Get Over a Break Up – Work On a New Look

A break up can leave us feeling unworthy, unattractive and insignificant. Rejection is a hard pill to swallow. The “get him out of your hair” method is well and truly popular. However is pointless as a step one. Work on your soul first, looks come second.

Once you’re ready to smile, even if just occasionally, hit the shops and the hairdressers. Ask your friends to join to make it more fun.

Getting Over

  1. Get Over a Break Up – Indulge Yourself

Some of us are tempted to get a new look and go straight out there on a prowl. Whilst getting male attention is not altogether a bad thing since it can help boost your confidence, it is better not to pursue men for a while. Why? Deep down you are angry with our ex, with yourself, with how things went down. The smallest misunderstanding with a new man can make you find fault with all men under the sun.

You should have a cake day instead or a DVD box set day or a quite a few. You should indulge in anything that takes your fancy, romantic movies, Ben and Jerry ice cream, replanting the entire garden or going to the spa. The main thing is to give more to you.

  1. Get Over a Break Up – Rediscover Old Passions

These could be anything from travelling to pottery class, to one night stands with ex lovers.  You should be, by now, half way through your heartbreak and just as convalescent patients move from the drip to solid food, it’s time for you to get more adventurous. It will help you get a stronger sense of self.

The main thing is to stick with the familiar. By doing something you used to do and enjoyed doing, you gain strength from your old self. What better way to heal?

Got Over Break Up

  1. Get Over a Break Up – Start Dating

You’ve re-established the roots of your personality, you’ve found yourself, now it’s time to have a peak out there. It may take a while to be able to throw your heart into the game, but who says you can’t throw in your other senses. Try going for lust, rather than love at first. Keep things cool as well as hot and steamy. Once you’ve mastered this phase you’ll know when your heart is ready to fall in love again.

Want more dating advice or need help with writing your online dating profile? Get in touch with Laura.

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Article by Laura Gub
Laura Gub
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Why Most Men Aren’t Having Success In The Dating Game

Why Most Men Aren’t Having Success In The Dating Game

Some men think they are having trouble meeting women because of there looks, because they don’t have enough money or because they are not driving a fancy car. In this video Dating and Life Coach Mr. Locario talks about the real reason why most men aren’t having success in there dating lives and what men can do to start having more success with women.

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