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10 Top Tips to Spot a Relationship Scammer

10 Top Tips to Spot a Relationship Scammer

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1. Does their online dating profile seem amazing and exciting beyond belief? It seems that way because they are clearly not being honest!

2. Do they want to get you off the dating website as quickly as possible by giving you their private email address straight away?

3. Do they insist on knowing quite personal information very early on? They are probably building a profile on you..

4. Are they out of the country at the moment? This is often an excuse as to why they have limited chances to reply to your messages.

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5. Have they quickly given you a sob story to hook you? Have they had a loss in their life recently, a partner a child or business, and feel the need to share this with you straight away.

6. Do they have poor spelling or grammar? It’s possible your language isn’t their first.

7. Do they repeat themselves constantly, this is usually a sign that they are also handling lots of other singles at the same time.

8. Do they lavish you with praise, tell you you are the most amazing person they have ever met? But they haven’t met you yet!!

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9. Are they too serious too soon? Are they planning a future in which you will soon be together? But that day keeps being moved and will never come.

10. Have they asked you to help them out of a sticky situation and desperately need funds, usually by TODAY or tomorrow?

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Remember there are times when you need to be on your guard when online. It’s very easy for someone to build a bogus profile and pretend to be someone else. We all have a responsibility to take charge of your own decisions and be safe. If you are unsure about someone, get a friend to view their profile and ask them what they think about it.


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