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10 Top Dating Tips to Secure Your Second Date

10 Top Dating Tips to Secure Your Second Date

Young Couple Dating

1. Be honest before you meet. There is little point lying about your age or using old photographs in your online dating profile.

2. First impressions really do count. Make an effort with your appearance, you’re going out on a special date so treat yourself. Buy that new outfit or shoes, they will make you feel good and lift your mood.

Pretty Girl Dating

3. Be on time. This stands to reason, if you make them wait you will be seen as disorganised, first impressions count remember!

4. Smile. it’s important, let them know you are pleased to meet them even if you are a little nervous.

5. Don’t drink to much. If you are in a bar stick to only one glass of alcohol then go on to soft drinks. If your date doesn’t, you should still stick to your one alcohol drink date plan.

Drinking on a Date

6. Engage with them. Ask them about their interests and hobbies, what they like to do in their spare time. If you find the conversation is always about you then make a effort to change that.

7. Keep the conversation positive. Try to avoid talking about any negative experiences in your life, we all have had them but your new date doesn’t need to hear anything negative right now.

Sad and unhappy

8. Who’s paying the bill? You both are! It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, if your date thinks you need financial support, it’s just another negative.

Paying for your date

9. Avoid politics or strong opinions. We all have them but you don’t want your date building a negative profile of you.

Couple Fighting

10. Leave early, yes early! You’ve had a great time, you would like to see them again but there’s plenty of time on your second if they are interested.

Last of all, remember to relax, you’re on a date, even if it doesn’t lead to a second you are still out enjoying yourself 🙂

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7 Tips For Creating The Perfect Online Dating Profile

7 Tips For Creating The Perfect Online Dating Profile

Think Positvie

1. Avoid starting with a negative, your dating profile should be about the positives that you have to offer, as this is your chance to shine and sell yourself. Mentioning bad dates or how no one wants you, or that you’ve been hurt in the past is going to send people straight to the next profile! Keep it positive…make them want to get to know more about you…

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Women Reacting to Dating Site Dick Pics

Women Reacting to Dating Site Dick Pics

We have all had them, or at the very least heard of them. The curse of the online dating ‘dick pics’. The modern alternative to wearing a rain coat and flashing at women at the bus stop!

Stop Sending Dick Pics

Picture the scene ladies, you have sent him a few messages, you like what you have read so you ask for a picture. Then ‘BANG’, your new potential date is a ‘dick pic’ flasher.

So guys,  what do ladies really think of those dick pics?


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Great Dating Ideas for Days Out in Scotland

Great Dating Ideas for Days Out in Scotland

Scotland is full of inspiring landscapes, numerous amounts of outdoor actives and some superb restaurants. So if you are struggling to think of new and exciting places to take your online date then carry on reading for some inspirational days and evenings out covering the whole of Scotland!

First Date
First impressions really do count, so we suggest that you take your Scottish date somewhere other than a standard chain restaurant. Do your research, find out what they like. If you both enjoy arts and culture then visits Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow, with so many focal points conversation should not run dry.

However if you prefer the idea of sipping on a few great tasting and good-looking drinks then head down to Tonic, Edinburgh. Drinks here aren’t cheap but it’s definitely worth it for a treat! On a Thursday eve they often have a live band playing, so if you are worried about conversations running dry, the music can fill in the gaps for you.


Date Two
Once you feel confident in one another’s company then dinner at a restaurant with a great atmosphere is a must. This gives you time to sit down and properly enjoy each other’s company over great food. The place that comes with many recommendations is Amicus Apple, a quirky restaurant located in both Aberdeen and Edinburgh where you can enjoy great food to suit everyone’s taste. In the evening the bar area becomes busy, so if the date goes well carry on until the wee hours with no need to leave the building!

Restaurant for a Date

Date Three
There’s nothing better than the great Scottish fresh air. So on your third date, take advantage of the area you live, appreciate the scenery & the wildlife, it’s time to get your hands dirty. Whether you both enjoy the outdoors or not, activity dates will definitely raise a few smiles. The more out of the comfort zone you are the more enjoyable the date could be! Hire a canoe and go for a gentle paddle on a local river, perfect for bonding and testing compatibility!

For something a little more extreme, try a tree top adventure course. Go Ape can be a simple or as difficult as you want to make it. With courses in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen you will be sure to find a course close to home. This date is not only perfect for a few laughs but also great for encouraging trust in one another. Perfect for relationship testing and building.

Something Adventures

Into the Future
After your third date, hopefully you will know how you feel about one another. With endless possibilities of unique and fun date ideas in Scotland, keep thinking outside the box to make sure your new relationship stays exciting.

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Happy Dating in Scotland