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Am I Dressed For Dating Success?

Am I Dressed For Dating Success?

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You’re single and dating…oh joy! First, congratulations on having the courage to try again. Second, you can do this. You only get one shot at making a first impression. You may be thinking, “If they get to know the real me, it shouldn’t matter what I wear.”

If you show up looking like you just raided the Walmart sales rack, wearing the same black dress or suit you wore when you rang in the new millennium, or dressed inappropriately for the date, you will most likely be dismissed as a potential mate faster than you can spell Mississippi. Yes, it’s sad but true!

Keeping in mind these simple three tips will make sure you are dressed for dating success!

Three Questions to Ask Before You Leave the House

  • 1. Is my wardrobe choice inviting? Flirty colors on our ladies is key! Shades of red are scientifically proven to attract a man’s attention more than any other color. If you’re not into red choose darker shades of pink like magenta. Guys, are you in a stuffy black business suit? Grab a soft cashmere sweater in a navy or dark gray instead. Giving a warm “come get to know me” vibe will help ease the both of you.
  • 2. What does my wardrobe say about me? When dressing for a date give off the same vibe as the amazing person you want to attract. Portraying yourself in a demure and trustworthy fashion, no matter what the occasion, will only increase your chances of having a great date. If you want to be treated like a lady or a real man, dress like one. Ladies, make sure you’re accentuating your best asset and only one. Don’t show too much skin. If you are showing your legs make sure you have a modest neckline. Men, please don’t pull anything from the hamper. Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed and polished. Trust me, she notices! When you place more value on yourself, others will notice and treat you with more respect. Try getting a few new pieces that you just wear for dates. Over time, colors and fabric lose their vibrancy. A short shopping trip to buy a few fresh dating essentials is recommended.
  • 3. Where are we going? Am I going to be comfortable? Gentlemen, did you tell your date where you are taking her? Nothing is worse than dressing for the wrong venue. You don’t want to find yourself or your date in heels and a dress hanging out in a dive bar, overdressed at a barbecue, under-dressed at a formal occasion or freezing cold in a romantic boat ride with no jacket. She will be so uncomfortable and in return you will be feel like you failed.

By answering these questions you can get your mind off your attire and focus on your date. When you make fashionably educated choices you will be stylin’ in chicness, comfort, and confidence!

Style Advice from Rayne Parvis

Rayne Parvis
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Southern California MTV Singles Dating Show Casting

Southern California MTV Singles Dating Show Casting

Wall to Wall Television Productions

Wall To Wall Productions are casting for a fun new Californian dating show for MTV.

“From the producers of ‘The Voice UK’ comes a uniquely inventive dating show, unlike any format you’ve seen before!”

They are looking for single guys and girls in Southern California aged between 21-30 who might be looking for love or maybe just a fun night out with your potential perfect match…

Seeking submissions from: Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara. Closing on 16th January 2016

Email – datingshowapplications @

With the following information:

Your full name, age and location
Contact information, phone & email
Current photos (2-3 pics)
A short bio about you and your dating history

Good luck 🙂


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The Los Angeles Dating Scene

The Los Angeles Dating Scene

Los Angeles Sky Line

Many can look down upon dating in Los Angeles, some say that it is one of the worst places to date when it fact it is one of the best for several reasons. Firstly the dating scene is always alive and thriving, whether it is the morning or evening you can always find a date. Another upside is that there is such a huge variety of people in the city. From professionals to the artists, and so much more, let’s face it everyone has a type that they gravitate towards and any and every type can be found in LA. The key is familiarizing yourself with the dating scene and knowing which areas and places to frequent besides the clubs which can so easily become something of a nightmare.

Best Areas for Singles
Los Angeles, Ca is made up of many towns, some of these towns lean more towards the married/suburban direction while others are a paradise for singles. The best areas for those looking to meet someone new include Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Echo Park/Silverlake, Culver City and the Hermosa Beach area. There are three main reasons these areas are at the top of the list. These are population, several good meeting venues and the fact that these areas attract a big crowd. When you put a lot of men and women in the same vicinity conversation will start, connections will be made and dates will be planned…

These areas are also great when taking the online dating approach. When searching for local singles these are the locations that are going to yield the most results.

Hollywood Boulevard Kodak Theatre
Hollywood Boulevard from Kodak Theatre  – Photo by David Iliff

Places to Go
Now that you know the areas you should be in, it’s time to talk about the places in which the dating scene really thrives in the city. In addition to being great places to meet singles these are also ideal for arranging to meet up with the man or women that you have connected with through online dating.

One in particular is the coffee shop, in Los Angeles there is literally one on every corner. The setting allows for really easy, casual conversation with someone new. In addition to coffee shops consider going to a hotel pool party. These gatherings, usually held on the weekends draw tons of locals looking to meet someone new. While there you can take a dip in the pool, dance, have a drink and just have fun.

Lastly, when choosing a local place to go on a Saturday night, whether you are meeting an online suitor or simply see who you can get a few phone numbers from, opt for a cozy bar or lounge rather than a loud nightclub. A more intimate setting increases your chances of meeting that special man or women which may lead to flirting and even romance down the line.

Good luck dating in Los Angeles..

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