October American Women Looking for Love Casting

October American Women Looking for Love Casting

October American Women Dating Cating

October Films, an independent television production company based in London and New York, are producing a new documentary style dating series for a major US network. This new series will follow American women who are looking for love or who have already found love outside of the United States. Following courageous ladies who have made the decision to find their future husband in a far-away land.

“Can’t find the man of your dreams in the US and think he’s overseas waiting for you?”

Be On TV with October Films. They’d like to follow you on your journey, meeting your man for the first time, learning about a different culture, and hopefully see the relationship blossom into love, and eventually marriage!

Email the casting team:  love @ OctoberFilms.tv With your name, age, contact number, location and a current photo. Applicants must be aged 28-38 and be a US resident.



Improving Relationships Through Intimacy

Improving Relationships Through Intimacy

Facing Therapy

Single? Or perhaps you’re in a relationship? Perhaps it’s fairly new, or maybe you’ve made it work and have graduated to long term status? Congratulations! Either way, if you’re being totally honest with yourself, is there something missing? Maybe everything is fine and you just want to make it a little better?

In terms of your relationship, what’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word intimacy? All too often, in all its varied names, sex, making love, banging, this tends to be the answer that shoots out of the barrel of our mouths and leaves bullet holes in a word that holds so much more potential.

We live in a world of polarity where there’s two sides to every coin, so let’s cash in and take a closer look at the word intimacy.

There is a very intimate part of us all that is full of a joyful innocence, it’s the inner child. That pure, sweet, beautiful part of us that is at the innermost core of us all. No matter how big and tough life’s made you, how grown up you believe you are, that’s the real you!

We’re all just a bunch of kids living in grown up bodies trying to find love and make the best sense of the world from what our years have taught us. Sometimes it’s the wrong life lessons that stick! We can build trust issues, hide parts of ourselves that were previously rejected. But the truth is if you want more intimacy with someone, you have to be willing to be more vulnerable, more trusting, more playful, more innocent in your interactions.

The word Intimacy comes from Latin roots, which boils down to a core meaning of familiarity. If you are missing something in your relationship, could it be that you are not familiar with your partners innermost self? Or perhaps even your own innermost self has gotten a bit lost along the journey of life? Buried under all this yucky adult stuff like responsibility, bills, bad habits, for the sake of convenience, unfulfilling jobs and all the other crap that goes with it.

We can get bogged down with routines and all too often end up taking each other for granted. We get complacent and then wonder what happened to ‘the spark’ between us.

Well those who play together, stay together. Any two people can have sex together, lets be real here, that kind of intimacy can be found with a few clicks and swipes of an app these days. But when you learn to love and play together from a state of innocence, that’s the most magical intimacy you and your partner can create. It will work wonders for the long term health of your relationship and for you both as individuals within that bubble.

Even if you’re currently single try to connect more with this part of yourself to bring beautiful changes to your life.

Gülie works as an energy psychotherapist, helping people overcome their intimacy issues using emotional freedom techniques, incorporating massage therapy.

Article by Gülie Ismail
Gülie Ismail

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The Uncertain Path from Getting Engaged to Getting Married

The Uncertain Path from Getting Engaged to Getting Married

Wedding Engagements

Sometimes it isn’t such a clear path from getting engaged to getting married! For some people, undertaking such a big change and lifelong responsibility can cause people to question their choices and judgment, basically asking, did I make the right decision?

That concern and insecurity can trigger their fears and hamper their ability to moving forward. As one partner might be looking to be more involved and connected than ever, the other partner might actually be pulling away and become less available, spending more time elsewhere and possibly even dabbling in activities that can cause jealousy and trust issues. These actions can often be more of a statement of the trepidation that becoming engaged conjures up, rather than a reflection of their true feelings for their partner.

If this happens to you, whether you are on the side of needing more space or the side of wondering what is going on with your fiancé, the most important thing to do is have a conversation with each other to explore the feelings that were triggered by this huge, Uncertain event.

Leave room to talk about misgivings and insecurities, even if that is difficult, so that at least you have an opportunity to express your concerns with the hope that they don’t weigh you down and pull you apart permanently. It might also be helpful to seek counseling to address whatever might be getting in the way of your future happiness. Talking to someone about this can help you determine if you jumped into the engagement prematurely, and the best thing to do would be to postpone the wedding or even walk away, or if it is just a temporary setback that can be fixed.

This is a way to work through the tough time and have a better understanding of each other, know you are able to share your fears and conflicts, and perhaps move toward a happy ending.


Relationship Advice from Dr Jane Greer

Dr Jane Greer
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Be On TV – Meet The Parents Dating Show Casting

Be On TV – Meet The Parents Dating Show Casting

Meet The Parents

UK TV channel ITV is producing a new dating show called Meet The Parents to be hosted by Holly Willoughby.

So if you’re single and looking for love? They’re looking for fun, outgoing singles PLUS their families to take part in their brand new, UK prime-time dating show!

Applicants must be over 18 years of age. To apply send an email to: newdatingshow @ itv.com with your​ name,​ age,  telephone number, a recent photo, and a little about why you’d like to take part in the show.

Current last date for applications is 5pm on Friday 9th September 2016 (this may be extended without notice at the Producer’s discretion). Audition/casting period: Monday 9th May – Friday 9th September.


Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani – Unexpected Love

Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani – Unexpected Love

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stafani

Country star Blake Shelton revealed that his current love, Gwen Stefani, was “the last person” he expected to have his back after his divorce from Miranda Lambert. They’ve only been together for six months but already he’s crazy about her! This is a great example of a couple finding love when they least expect it. Sometimes when you aren’t actively looking for it to happen is exactly when love may find you.

When you are getting over a betrayal or heartbreak, it is hard to imagine yourself in another relationship. At that point the last thing you want to do is take a chance and risk being wounded again by someone else. But if you can trust yourself in turning to someone who is supportive and there for you, not only can you start anew, but it’s even possible that a new romance could blossom.

It can be difficult to talk about what you’ve been through and share your pain with a friend. A lot of times people want to shut down, and are not always comfortable reaching out and asking for support. They might feel embarrassed, humiliated or unsure about trusting that the friend won’t gossip about their story and private thoughts with someone else. However, you may find that in expressing your situation to a friend and giving them the chance to offer empathy, you might begin to feel understood in a way that makes all the difference in the world.

The tendency is to shut down when you’ve been hurt, but letting yourself remain open can become the first step in the process of healing. They’re able to see the best in you and help bring out that side of you, so that you can move forward feeling stronger and better about yourself. This is a key element of falling in love, which is being made to feel valued, terrific about yourself, desired, and, especially on the heels of losing all that when you are dealing with a break up, it can be an elixir of the heart. In fact, Blake was quoted as saying Gwen saved his life. There is no underestimating companionship..it can feel lifesaving.

While you may have only seen this person in one light, strictly platonic, that can shift as your circumstances and interactions with each other change. If that does happen, it can be a bonding experience and bring you together in a way that feels like a gain, where before you felt only lost and alone. With this in mind it can be positive to share your emotional pain with someone, rather than remaining closed off and keeping the heartache to yourself. It’s natural to feel vulnerable if you suddenly find yourself being drawn to this person after everything you’ve been through, but it is worth it to let the relationship go forward.

Blake and Gwen recently sang a duet together on The Voice called, “Go Ahead and Break My Heart.” Blake explained that they chose that title and the words to go with it because they are smart enough to know at this point that all relationships will have ups and downs. So why not just put it out there? They’ve been through it before, and they know there will be good and bad ahead, but right now they are so happy they found each other and they will deal with what’s ahead.

While Blake and Gwen are singing about it, it is equally beneficial to talk about it. Though it can feel scary, being involved in this relationship, facing your fears and acknowledging your insecurities can actually make you stronger. While you want to protect yourself and might typically look to keeping these feelings private, if you can instead be honest and genuine with someone you feel has your back, who knows where it might lead you, maybe even to a new love.


Relationship Advice from Dr Jane Greer

Dr Jane Greer
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Betty USA TV Dating Show Casting Call Single Men & Women

Betty USA TV Dating Show Casting Call Single Men & Women

Dating Show Casting Call

British TV production company Betty are making a new docu-series style dating show in the US.

They are looking for open-minded single men and women aged 18-40 who are ready to step up their dating game and go on a blind date.

Location is SEATTLE, closing on the 7th July 2016. Email: usadating @ betty.co.uk


When Your Boyfriend & Your Best Friend Get Too Close!

When Your Boyfriend & Your Best Friend Get Too Close!

Splitting Couples

When we become close to someone our natural instinct is to share them with the other people we are close to. Eventually you want to introduce your new boyfriend to your best friend so you can proudly show them how great the other is.  You might even end up spending a lot of time together as a group.

Sometimes this can lead to a separate connection between your significant other and your friend, that is all okay to a point. However, there is a definite line that exists which defines how close the two most important people in your life can get to each other, and that is based on the fact that you are sexually intimate with your boyfriend, so there is a clear element of exclusivity that should never be violated by either party.

As long as the connection remains about sharing the strong feelings they have for you it is on the up and up. If though, there is ever a point when you might feel threatened or begin to doubt their intentions, then you can start to think about putting boundaries in place. How can you tell if that time has come??

The first red flag is if you start to feel left out. If your boyfriend and best friend develop inside jokes that you are not a part of, or they find reasons to spend time together away from you, even if you are sick or out of town, it is only natural to wonder if something is brewing between them. Another indication of a problem could be if your friend is admiring you so much that she starts to dress and act like you. If it begins to appear that she almost wants to be you, which can sometimes be flattering, but usually means she is jealous of what you have and might want it for herself, be on guard.

The best way to gauge when and if that line is being crossed is to trust your feelings and go with your instincts. If it is all positive, and your interactions are supportive and caring, then that is exactly what love and friendship is about. But if you start to feel uneasy, uncomfortable or a sense of competition surfaces from your friend, that is a good time to start setting limits on how much time you spend together as a group, and begin to monitor what you share with your friend so you can build your own sense of identity separate from her. By doing this, you can protect yourself and not have to worry about being betrayed by someone close to you…


Relationship Advice from Dr Jane Greer

Dr Jane Greer
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