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10 Top Tips to Spot a Relationship Scammer

10 Top Tips to Spot a Relationship Scammer

Online Dating Phone Scam

1. Does their online dating profile seem amazing and exciting beyond belief? It seems that way because they are clearly not being honest!

2. Do they want to get you off the dating website as quickly as possible by giving you their private email address straight away?

3. Do they insist on knowing quite personal information very early on? They are probably building a profile on you..

4. Are they out of the country at the moment? This is often an excuse as to why they have limited chances to reply to your messages.

Army Helicopter

5. Have they quickly given you a sob story to hook you? Have they had a loss in their life recently, a partner a child or business, and feel the need to share this with you straight away.

6. Do they have poor spelling or grammar? It’s possible your language isn’t their first.

7. Do they repeat themselves constantly, this is usually a sign that they are also handling lots of other singles at the same time.

8. Do they lavish you with praise, tell you you are the most amazing person they have ever met? But they haven’t met you yet!!

Wow Amazing

9. Are they too serious too soon? Are they planning a future in which you will soon be together? But that day keeps being moved and will never come.

10. Have they asked you to help them out of a sticky situation and desperately need funds, usually by TODAY or tomorrow?

Credit Card

Remember there are times when you need to be on your guard when online. It’s very easy for someone to build a bogus profile and pretend to be someone else. We all have a responsibility to take charge of your own decisions and be safe. If you are unsure about someone, get a friend to view their profile and ask them what they think about it.


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10 Top Dating Tips to Secure Your Second Date

10 Top Dating Tips to Secure Your Second Date

Young Couple Dating

1. Be honest before you meet. There is little point lying about your age or using old photographs in your online dating profile.

2. First impressions really do count. Make an effort with your appearance, you’re going out on a special date so treat yourself. Buy that new outfit or shoes, they will make you feel good and lift your mood.

Pretty Girl Dating

3. Be on time. This stands to reason, if you make them wait you will be seen as disorganised, first impressions count remember!

4. Smile. it’s important, let them know you are pleased to meet them even if you are a little nervous.

5. Don’t drink to much. If you are in a bar stick to only one glass of alcohol then go on to soft drinks. If your date doesn’t, you should still stick to your one alcohol drink date plan.

Drinking on a Date

6. Engage with them. Ask them about their interests and hobbies, what they like to do in their spare time. If you find the conversation is always about you then make a effort to change that.

7. Keep the conversation positive. Try to avoid talking about any negative experiences in your life, we all have had them but your new date doesn’t need to hear anything negative right now.

Sad and unhappy

8. Who’s paying the bill? You both are! It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, if your date thinks you need financial support, it’s just another negative.

Paying for your date

9. Avoid politics or strong opinions. We all have them but you don’t want your date building a negative profile of you.

Couple Fighting

10. Leave early, yes early! You’ve had a great time, you would like to see them again but there’s plenty of time on your second if they are interested.

Last of all, remember to relax, you’re on a date, even if it doesn’t lead to a second you are still out enjoying yourself 🙂

Happy Couple Dating

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Social Media Management Tools

Social Media Management Tools

Social Medr

I have been looking at social media management tools, like many with busy lives i’m wanting to find a quicker way to do my social media posts and still have time in my life for everything else!

With this in mind I took a look around the web and came up with the three most popular, Hootsuite, Buffer and SocialMedr. After reviewing all three I settled on SocialMedr, simply for ease of use.

The social media dashboard makes it really easy to add my Facebook and Twitter accounts, I can even add my Linkedin and Pinterest account. the service lets me add multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts, which is great, as I have quite a few ‘hobby’ accounts too 🙂

I can design and save all my posts and select a time in the future for them to appear, which is particularly helpful when using Facebook as there was never enough time in the day for me to do this!

It has a really easy to use dashboard, certainly the easiest I have ever used. The service is free to sign up to and use, and is supported by advertising. You can upgrade to access more advanced services which I would certainly recommend if you are serious about your social media management.

I’d definitely recommend the service for anyone interested in organizing their social media posts as it’s now saving me literally hours every day 🙂

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What Makes a Marriage a Strong One

What Makes a Marriage a Strong One?

Holding Hands

Many things go into keeping two people together for the long haul, but there are four core ingredients that stand out as important in keeping that union humming. The first is appreciation, I can’t stress its power enough. Being grateful and recognizing the things your partner does for you and the TLC they give you can go a long way. Without realizing it, you can get used to all that, as it becomes part of your average day you might stop noticing it and even take it for granted. You want to start taking the opportunity to show your spouse that the things they do for you mean a lot. It’s a real chance to build and strengthen those fibers that go into constructing the fabric of your connection. Oftentimes I hear one partner express how angry they are about the things the other doesn’t do. However, when I help them change their expectations, to see who their partner really is instead of who they want them to be, it allows them to stop seeing their spouse coming up short and instead to see them as tall, looking up to them for the support they do show. this enables them to feel lucky that their partner is there for them by focusing on what they do rather than what they don’t do, It makes all the difference.

Another important ingredient is consideration. It isn’t that you always have to agree with your partner, or do just what they say, but to let them know that they are important to you and are being considered when you’re deciding to do something. If you’re planning to go out with your friends on Friday night, check in and make sure it works for your spouse instead of just telling them. That way they will feel considered and probably tell you to have a good time. If you simply announce what you are doing they are likely to feel abandoned and might become angry. The goal is to avoid resentment building because it then turns into bricks that will make you feel divided, keeping you apart rather than feeling you are on the same team. By considering each others needs and knowing you are each part of the equation when it comes to making plans and choices, you at least leave room for both of you to voice your preferences before making the final decision.

The third key factor in a successful marriage is being able to acknowledge the other person. I can’t tell you how often I hear one person complain that when they talk to their partner at home the other person doesn’t answer them, doesn’t look up from their computer, doesn’t look at them directly, so basically they feel ignored. Consequently the first person winds up either repeating themselves because they haven’t felt heard, or asking in an annoyed tone, “did you hear me?” It’s really important to pay attention and convey to your partner that you are listening when they talk to you. A simply okay, fine, I get it, I hear you, that works, any verbal acknowledgement as well as looking at them goes a long way. Even if you disagree with what they are saying you can reply, “well, I don’t necessarily agree, but I do hear what you’re saying, and we can talk about it another time.” This will prevent one person from feeling ignored and neglected, and the other from feeling nagged and badgered by their partner saying the same thing over and over.

Finally, laughter. It seems so obvious and simple but it has such tremendous healing power. It takes effort to keep up with all the communication, appreciation and everything else in your daily lives, all that work needs an antidote, which is laughing together because it creates instant intimacy. Developing a Morse code with a shared joke or funny expression is a default button that can diffuse the heat of any argument and give you a chance to let it go and clear the resentment rather than letting it turn into a big deal. When you’re married you learn you have to pick and choose your battles, otherwise there are so many things to go to the mat over and you need a tool that says this is not that important, let’s laugh it off. You can then revisit the more important issues later to address them in a serious manner.

If you are able to keep these four very potent techniques in mind and you begin to use them regularly, you’re likely to find that you and your partner start to feel happier with each other.

The key to a positive marriage is to feel that your spouse has your back and is looking out for you, that they know that you always have theirs as well.

Relationship Advice from Dr Jane Greer

Dr Jane Greer
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Catfish TV UK Casting Call

Catfish TV UK Casting Call

Catfish TV Casting Call

MTV’s Catfish, the TV series is coming to the UK in 2016. Would you like to appear on the show? Are you in an online relationship but you have never met in person or even seen each other on a webcam? Do you want to get something off your chest, make your dream a reality or get to the bottom of something you are not sure about?

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Catfish The Movie 2010 – By filmmakers Ariel Schulman & Henry Joost. A documentary style film about a young man called Nev Schulman and his online relationship with a person called Megan..


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