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Best Places for a Ghoulish Night Out on Halloween in London

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Best Places for a Ghoulish Night Out on Halloween in London

Spooky Halloween

Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble…as the eerie night approaches, we take a look at the best places to get your ghoul on in London with Alice Audley.

Yes, you know it, Halloween is almost upon us, Here>>> are our top seven picks for a night out with your date in London on Halloween.

Dating in London

The Los Angeles Dating Scene

The Los Angeles Dating Scene

Los Angeles Sky Line

Many can look down upon dating in Los Angeles, some say that it is one of the worst places to date when it fact it is one of the best for several reasons. Firstly the dating scene is always alive and thriving, whether it is the morning or evening you can always find a date. Another upside is that there is such a huge variety of people in the city. From professionals to the artists, and so much more, let’s face it everyone has a type that they gravitate towards and any and every type can be found in LA. The key is familiarizing yourself with the dating scene and knowing which areas and places to frequent besides the clubs which can so easily become something of a nightmare.

Best Areas for Singles
Los Angeles, Ca is made up of many towns, some of these towns lean more towards the married/suburban direction while others are a paradise for singles. The best areas for those looking to meet someone new include Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Echo Park/Silverlake, Culver City and the Hermosa Beach area. There are three main reasons these areas are at the top of the list. These are population, several good meeting venues and the fact that these areas attract a big crowd. When you put a lot of men and women in the same vicinity conversation will start, connections will be made and dates will be planned…

These areas are also great when taking the online dating approach. When searching for local singles these are the locations that are going to yield the most results.

Hollywood Boulevard Kodak Theatre
Hollywood Boulevard from Kodak Theatre  – Photo by David Iliff

Places to Go
Now that you know the areas you should be in, it’s time to talk about the places in which the dating scene really thrives in the city. In addition to being great places to meet singles these are also ideal for arranging to meet up with the man or women that you have connected with through online dating.

One in particular is the coffee shop, in Los Angeles there is literally one on every corner. The setting allows for really easy, casual conversation with someone new. In addition to coffee shops consider going to a hotel pool party. These gatherings, usually held on the weekends draw tons of locals looking to meet someone new. While there you can take a dip in the pool, dance, have a drink and just have fun.

Lastly, when choosing a local place to go on a Saturday night, whether you are meeting an online suitor or simply see who you can get a few phone numbers from, opt for a cozy bar or lounge rather than a loud nightclub. A more intimate setting increases your chances of meeting that special man or women which may lead to flirting and even romance down the line.

Good luck dating in Los Angeles..

Author: Dating Agency Group

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Why Halloween is the New Holiday of Love

Why Halloween is the New Holiday of Love

The Science of Dating…Fear can heighten sexual attraction so there has never been a better time to find a partner, says the Telegraph’s Science Editor Sarah Knapton

Forget Valentine’s Day, Halloween is the real festival of love, it’s guarantee that more people will hook up this weekend than on February 14th! Why? Well it’s all down to the science of fear. There is some fairly good evidence that feeling afraid can trigger the same emotions as sexual arousal…

Read more of this article by Sarah Knapton HERE >>>


Adult Casual Dating with

Online Dating Fatal Attraction Gone Bad

Online Dating Fatal Attraction Gone Bad

A 28 year old woman from Thousand Oaks California got stuck in a chimney after been rejected by her online dater and attempting to enter his property. She was later rescued by the emergency services!!

Dating in Los Angeles with The Los Angeles Dating – JOIN HERE >>

London Singles Wanted for Expert-led TV Documentary Series

London Singles Wanted for Expert-led TV Documentary Series

CPL Productions

CPL Productions (London UK) are seeking brave singles looking for romance, to take part in a brand new expert-led social experiment documentary series.

Applicants must be:
Aged 25 – 50 and living in Greater London.
You must feel ready for marriage.
You do not have any children and have never been married.
You’ll let our experts use science to match you to your perfect partner.

To apply send your name, phone number and email to:   theloveproject @

Application does not guarantee selection. All information provided will be treated in strict confidence. Applications will be received by a member of CPL Productions, they will contact you directly.

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