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The Single Life & Vacation Travel

Dating Travel Partners

If you are single you might often feel like there are fewer travel options available to you since so much is geared towards couples and families.

Sometimes it’s harder to travel alone. Also, in the same way it is nice to go to a movie with someone so you can share the experience, the same is true of a great vacation. Your network of friends and family are not always free to travel when you want to, and might have a very different trip planned anyway in terms of how much money they want to spend and where they want to go.

So what can you do? Often people search for potential travel mates or even local advice through Instagram and Facebook. However, recently, due to the advanced technology, many other online solutions have emerged which enable people to directly search for their travel buddies based on their preferences or even plan their trip.

For instance, one of the people I work with found herself in this situation and told me about a social travel platform that connects people who love to travel but would like a companion to share the trip with. According to my co-worker, these are definitely a resources to explore so you can put yourself out there. You will certainly make new friends and expand your horizons. It’s helpful to be clear though about what your objective is, and what you are looking for when you reach out to use it so that your expectations can be realized!

In the end it is about making traveling user friendly, enhancing your trip, and offering the opportunity for companionship, so you don’t have to travel alone. The trick is to be open to exploring and moving beyond your comfort zone. You never know what might be waiting for you out there.

Relationship Advice from Dr Jane Greer

Dr Jane Greer
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Kiss A Ginger Day – Is it Just Another Excuse To Sexually Objectify Redheads

Kiss A Ginger Day – Is it Just Another Excuse To Sexually Objectify Redheads

Ginger Redhead

Kiss a Ginger Day has its roots in, of all things, that bastion for controversy, South Park. In 2008, the satirical show aired an episode titled “Ginger Kids,” which used a war between redheads and non-redheads as a dark, absurdest analogy for the ethnic cleansing of the Holocaust! Clearly not understanding the very message of the show, some viewers launched a “Kick a Ginger Day” campaign on Facebook, which in turn prompted actual violence.

In an effort to provide a “karmic counter-event” to the hate-fueled campaign, comedian Derek Forgie launched “Kiss a Ginger Day” in 2009. And so another social media phenom was born…

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3 Things to do to Make Being Single on New Year’s Eve NOT Suck

3 Things to do to Make Being Single on New Year’s Eve NOT Suck

Moet Girl

Being single on New Year’s Eve should be like being single any other day of the year, except it’s not. It’s one of those holidays that can leave a single girl ready to put a hit out on Cupid. It’s a night we’re reminded that our plus one is MIA, and if you’re me he’s been missing for years now.

This isn’t to say there haven’t been prospects, of course there’s been plenty of those, but it goes like this: You’re not into him, he’s not into you, and if you’re  twiddling your thumbs with one guy waiting for another one to get it together, well it’s basically the vicious cycle of singledom we’ve all come to know and accept.

I’m here however to tell you like many others have and will, that being single on NYE doesn’t have to suck! You just need to do a “follow my lead” and I can guarantee you a night full of fun on your own terms. You see part of the problem is that we want what other people have, or at least what we think they have, and that blinds us from seeing what’s right in front of us..

 Step 1: Put Your Game-face On

This is what I like to call decision making time. You’ve got two choices:

  1. Go out
  2. Stay in

Here’s the thing, this is a win-win. Why? Because you’re choosing to do whatever the hell you want, and that is ALWAYS a win! If you choose to go out I recommend finding the best party (which involves open bar and a taxi), buying a new dress (the sparklier the better) and if you’ve got to fly solo then by all means spread them wings butterfly! I’ve had some of the best times going out alone. It’s not as scary and shameful as some might leave you thinking, and in my humble opinion the best place a single girl can find herself is sitting at a bar alone. The odds of getting hit on are forever in your favor and even if you aren’t staring at McDreamy you never know who’s looking at you!

On the flip side you can choose to stay in and it’s up to you if that means solo, with friends or with all the neighbourhood cats. There is no shame in doing whatever the hell you want!

 Step 2: Buy Yourself Something Pretty

So, now that you’ve decided what you’re doing it’s time to decide what to wear. Now the cliché but appropriate suggestion, if you’re planning on dancing the night away is a dress. I did make mention of something sparkly already, but why not treat yourself to a new matching bra and panty set? I feel my most accomplished when mine match. Throw in a coordinating mani/pedi and I’m ready to take on the world! Which is why it’s my duty to suggest the same for you.

If you’re planning on not venturing out please don’t feel like you too can’t treat yourself to some new skivvies. Picture a brand new luxurious robe over a new pair of your favorite style panty and bra. Did I forget to mention this is the perfect opportunity to try something new?! Just because you’re home alone now doesn’t mean you will be forever, so a little practice strutting your stuff never hurt anybody.

 Step 3: Toast To the Single Life

When the countdown starts no matter where you are or who you’re around take a second and envision all the good things you want! They’re all yours for the taking and if that just so happens to mean a man then put yourself out there and go get him. Men are everywhere and if you need to inject some new ones into your life all you need to do is make some minor tweaks. Take a new way home, opt for the gym near work instead of home or attend an after work happy hour.

There was a time whenever I left the house I’d say, “Today could be the day you meet Mr. Right.” Now I’ve yet to see that day, but once you’re able to drop the deadlines and vision you have for how, when and where, you’re going to meet the one, you just might meet him!

Good luck ladies!

Article by V.V. Browne
V.V Browne
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