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Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield – Relationship Jealousy

Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield – Relationship Jealousy

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield © Gage Skidmore

It’s rumored that lately actors Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield ‘are having issues’, stemming from the fact that Emma is close to her colleague Ryan Gosling. The possibility has spawned a lot of discussion about jealousy and how the celebrity couple might move forward from here.

While the two of them have not addressed the situation publicly, additional rumors surfaced suggesting the pair have resolved the issue. It’s very important to tackle jealousy head-on rather than letting it simmer within the relationship. And your partner doesn’t have to be working with a movie star, as is the case for Emma and Andrew, for you to feel the green-eyed monster in full force. In fact, most people go through this at one time or another, especially if their loved one is working closely with someone who is attractive and smart. When this happens, it is hard not to be rattled by the possibility that they could fall for this person and you could wind up losing them. So, what can you do to keep your fear and jealousy from taking over, and possibly creating more of a problem with your relationship than actually exists?

First, recognize that acting jealous can actually cause tension between you that may drive you apart rather than bring you closer. If you are feeling threatened, you may accuse your lover of doing something he or she isn’t doing, lash out in anger, or just generally make things so unpleasant that you unwittingly push them away from you and possibly in the direction of the other person.

The bottom line is that it is always uncomfortable knowing there are appealing men or women around whom your lover might come into contact with and find attractive. However, the real key to staying together happily is to focus on the connection you two share, rather than putting an emphasis on that perceived interloper. In other words, pay attention to ways to build on and strengthen your intimacy and closeness. If you are having problems over sex and/or money, for example, then now is a good time to invest your energy into problem solving and finding ways to compromise and resolve them, so that you can feel more confident, happy, and safe in your relationship. This way you use your energy productively to focus on considering and loving each other, rather than use it to act on your anxiety and possibly end up having it work against you.

When you are in sync and feel harmonious, it can eliminate any room for someone else to come between you. It can also help to ask for reassurance, making sure to avoid placing blame but rather raising your concerns and giving your significant other the chance to bring clarity to what is actually going on that will help you feel better. Despite jealous feelings occurring, when you have a strong foundation and trust each other, you can feel secure that you are the person your partner wants to be with. Hopefully, that will be the case, too, for Emma and Andrew.

Relationship Advice from Dr Jane Greer

Dr Jane Greer
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Fancy A TV Date With First Dates London

Fancy A TV Date With First Dates London

First Dates Background

The producers of UK’s hit series First Dates are looking for extras as ‘background daters’. Are you a couple and fancy spending an evening in the First Dates Restaurant in London, but don’t want to be featured in the program?

Are you looking for a first date idea? This could be the perfect opportunity…

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Dr Jane Greer on Mariah Carey & Moving Quickly in a Relationship

Dr Jane Greer on Mariah Carey & Moving Quickly in a Relationship

Mariah Carey

Singer Mariah Carey is already talking marriage with her new boyfriend, James Packer. Typically, it’s the woman who’s eager to start talking marriage, sometimes even early in the relationship.

Although they’ve only been dating for a matter of days, James already believes he wants to marry her. The two have visited several countries together since last week. Deciding to get married is a big step for so many reasons, and thinking about doing it when you are just beginning to get to know each other might not always be the best idea.

When two people fall in love, anything seems possible. You might quickly begin to think about spending the rest of your life with that person, and even fantasize about how wonderful it could be. That is what love does, it makes everything look wonderful. The trouble is, a lasting relationship is made up of much more than the immediate chemistry and romance people experience when they first come together and the rest of the world falls away.

That world doesn’t stay away forever, and when it creeps back in with finances, job responsibilities, the possibility of having children, and other things that take place during daily life, it is helpful and important to have a strong foundation underneath you to know how to deal with these things as a unit. If you have time to get to know each other, allowing you to establish and understand your commonalities, shared goals and values, methods of communication, and ability to compromise and problem solve, you will be in a much better place to make your joint life work.

These are the nuts and bolts that determine whether or not you will be able to go the distance together. Too often when you lead with love, moving too quickly, you eliminate and edit out the opportunity to experience your partner in the real world and you might not be equipped to deal with the curve balls that life sends your way.

Time also allows you to establish a good balance between the me, and the we, which is necessary in sharing a healthy relationship. The risk of rushing into making the decision to spend your life with someone you don’t know well enough, despite the fact that you think you do, is that you can wind up in a situation that requires making concessions that feel more like sacrifice rather than compromise.

If it starts to seem that you are giving up what is important to you, it can be the beginning of your partnership no longer working effectively. So unless you have had the time to navigate your shared life and the demands that it entails, you might want to slow down a little.

When, then, is it okay to start that conversation about happily ever after? It’s probably best to begin once you’ve determined you’re exclusive and your individual worlds are clearly merging into a joint world. That’s the point at which you can look toward creating a future together and therefore discuss marriage, whereby you and your partner can see yourselves continuing together over the course of your lives.

Look to avoid bringing marriage up out of the blue because if there’s nothing concrete to attach it to, then the relationship may not be at that point and you may scare your partner off by being too premature with the idea. He or she may completely push back as a result. Sometimes talking about moving in together before bringing up the subject of tying the knot is a good starting point. There are times, however, when people are forced to talk about marriage sooner than they might otherwise. If one person has to move to another part of the country, or even the world, for a career opportunity for example.

The bottom line is that everything looks great at the beginning of a relationship and it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and fanfare. Be aware though of looking too far ahead. Give yourself a chance to be sure you are truly compatible before you walk down the aisle. Keep in mind also that if you are just coming out of a relationship and dealing with the aftermath of rejection, it can make this new relationship even more attractive and can be a way to put the pain in the past. If that is the case it is even more important that you take a deep breath and give yourself the time you need to make sure this is right for you.

It seems that Mariah and James don’t have these qualms and are ready to get serious and move forward with a shared life together. Only time will tell if they are moving too fast…

Article by Dr Jane Greer

Dr Jane Greer
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Dance Your Way To A Romance – Dancing Dating Show

Dance Your Way To A Romance – Dancing Dating Show

Dance & Dating TV Show

Enter TV’s Hottest Competition Series Yet

A new prime time television dating and dancing show is in production by NBC Universal. They are seeking contestants that are single and wish to dance their way into love. Contestants must be over twenty one years of age and must also be a United States citizen.

No previous professional dance experience required!

This is an nationwide casting call but participants must be able to attend an open call in one of the following major cities:
Chicago IL
Dallas, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Miami, FL
New York City, NY

Visit their application website at – Application deadline for this show is July 15th 2015

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Dr Jane Greer on The Ignition That Turns a Relationship On

Dr Jane Greer on The Ignition That Turns a Relationship On

Chris Soules

Bachelor Chris Soules and fiancee Whitney Bischoff announced they have mutually and amicably decided to call off their engagement. Chris shared that the split has been “really tough,” but they continue to be supportive friends. Despite the fact that the way in which couples meet on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is so exciting, it seems many relationships don’t work out in the long term.

Even so, the show carries intrigue for the viewers in the same way it does for the participants. It gives everyone the chance to think about the possibilities of meeting someone new and starting over, finding Mr, or Mrs. Right, and having the sense that anything can happen, the world is your oyster, it can seem like a dream come true.

Being a contestant on one of these shows is available to only a few people, but many of us have had the experience of meeting someone new in a more exciting than real life situation such as on vacation or at a big event like a wedding. When that happens there can be an immediate connection, and the sense that you have known that person all your life. Those feelings can be fueled by chemistry and the attraction you have for one another, as well as the fanfare of the situation in which you met. In the same way that people meet on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, it can be a key in the ignition that turns the relationship on, but then how do you keep it in motion? And why do so many of these relationships, whether they begin on the television show or in an out of the ordinary setting, end sooner rather than later?

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Engagements – How Long Is Too Long with Dr Jane Greer

Engagements – How Long Is Too Long with Dr Jane Greer


Consider first what is holding you back from setting a date and walking down the aisle…

If you both have full-time jobs, for example, the demands of the office and of upcoming projects might make it very difficult to plan a wedding.

On top of that, the expectation is that once you are married you will share a home base. If you are living in separate parts of the country or world, or have a work assignment far away from where your partner spends most of his or her time, deciding where to call home might not come so easily. Sometimes that requires one person to compromise and make a choice that could end up feeling like a sacrifice he or she isn’t ready to make.

So whether it is a work commitment, or even an illness in the family that is time-consuming, and thereby keeping you from saying, “I do,” you might find yourself in a perpetual state of engagement. You may even adjust to it, and it can become what you are used to. So if it works for both of you, then there may not be any rush. Sometimes the end goal of marriage is no longer front and center, and you might not feel compelled to take the next step. You are each happily doing your thing, and haven’t taken the time to figure out how to officially merge lanes.

Getting married would be nice, but right now it doesn’t feel necessary. If that is the case, the shelf life on an engagement can be evergreen.

If the thing that is holding you back has more to do with your feelings than with logistics, take stock of what is going on so you can better understand it and deal with it. Has one of you been married before, maybe even suffered a betrayal and therefore may be feeling afraid to take the plunge for fear something similar might happen again? Or, has one of you never been married? If that is the case there is the possibility that the fear of a change in identity and the concern over what there is to lose, such as personal freedom, is what is creating the roadblock.

Layer the two together, the practical piece and the emotional piece, possibly even throwing in a financial piece, and it is no wonder some people take longer to get to the altar. If one of you is pushing to do it sooner than the other, things might get complicated. But if you are both willing to wait it out, and you are able to work through some or all of these issues, then there is really no downside to waiting.

The bottom line is, there is no clear expiration date on an engagement unless you plan to call off the relationship itself. As long as you are on the same team, and are aware of what is keeping you from taking the plunge, you could stay engaged for years or even decades.

Article by Dr Jane Greer

Dr Jane Greer
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