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Social Media Management Tools

Social Media Management Tools

Social Medr

I have been looking at social media management tools, like many with busy lives i’m wanting to find a quicker way to do my social media posts and still have time in my life for everything else!

With this in mind I took a look around the web and came up with the three most popular, Hootsuite, Buffer and SocialMedr. After reviewing all three I settled on SocialMedr, simply for ease of use.

The social media dashboard makes it really easy to add my Facebook and Twitter accounts, I can even add my Linkedin and Pinterest account. the service lets me add multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts, which is great, as I have quite a few ‘hobby’ accounts too 🙂

I can design and save all my posts and select a time in the future for them to appear, which is particularly helpful when using Facebook as there was never enough time in the day for me to do this!

It has a really easy to use dashboard, certainly the easiest I have ever used. The service is free to sign up to and use, and is supported by advertising. You can upgrade to access more advanced services which I would certainly recommend if you are serious about your social media management.

I’d definitely recommend the service for anyone interested in organizing their social media posts as it’s now saving me literally hours every day 🙂

Give SocialMedr a go, you won’t be disappointed >> SocialMedr.com



Redhead Days Pub Crawl

Redhead Days Pub Crawl

Red Head Pub Crawl
Image Copyright © RedHeadDays

The annual Redhead Days Pub Crawl in Breda, Netherlands will once again take place on a Saturday evening. From approximately 8pm until 1am. This year, 2015 it will be on the 5th September.

Due to Dutch legislation participates must be over eighteen years of age.

Further details on Facebook Here>>


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