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Love The Second Time Around

Love The Second Time Around

Love Second Time Around


How do you know when an old love has the potential to come back to life, and when is it best to leave an old relationship where it is?

When you see old lovers get back together, it might make you think about reaching out to an old but extinguished flame. There are times when that might require a deliberate act, actually calling or contacting someone from your past, or it can happen in a more spontaneous way, such as when you run into someone you once dated at a wedding or a reunion. Either way, it is good to take stock before jumping in with both feet.

The most important barometer for gaging what to do is to consider how and why your connection ended in the first place. It is ironic that in wondering if you should begin again, it helps to go back to where it ended, but that is where you might find the best answers. If the circumstances that broke you up didn’t have anything to do with the attraction and passion you felt for each other, and might still feel, it is possible that giving it another go could be a fine idea. It is also possible that even if there were problems, you have both grown and changed, and with the wisdom and distance you now have might be better able to deal with and manage them. The same issues that were front and center when you were first together might not bother you anymore, or might be more easily worked out.

On the other hand, if your relationship ended badly and there is still a lot of unresolved anger, there is the chance you will find yourself returning to that unhappy place. Also, if there were behaviors, habits, or personal traits the other person had that were intolerable for you, and that person still exhibits them and has not changed his or her ways, it may be better to leave the relationship in the past with the fond memories of what you once shared.

Once you have sorted that out, it may be that you feel your ex is really your lost love. In this new time and place, where both of you have mellowed, it may be viable and pleasurable to give it another chance.

Madonna said it in her song Stay:
When you walked out my door, I knew you’d be back for more, Let’s leave the past behind, True love is so hard to find.

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Be Open to Opportunities and Save The Cupids

Be Open to Opportunities and Save The Cupids

Indifference Kills - Cupids The Movie

Comedy, romance, but not a romantic comedy, Cupids The Movie is a comedy movie proposed by UK film production company Camera Freelance UK Limited. Founded in 2013 by filmmakers Diego H. Milane, Angelo Calarco and Victoria Murua.

To be filmed from the perspective of two cupids, Arabella and Saraphel, struggling to get their assigned humans to meet and talk.

Cupids are all around us, invisibly creating opportunities for single people to meet the right person…

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Who Says “I Love You” First in a Relationship?

Who Says “I Love You” First in a Relationship?

Societal gender norms suggest that women should be most concerned with declarations of love, especially during the early, uncertain phase of relationships. After all, who are all those romantic comedies and chick flick movies marketed toward? But recent research demonstrates that in fact, it’s the men who are more likely to say “I love you” first in relationships.

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